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Blade & Soul was published in 2012 as a massively multiplayer online game that featured martial arts fantasy. The game has been moving from the Korean market where it was first released and into other places worldwide. It has gotten some level of success owing to its unique gameplay.

Although the game is immersive and enjoyable, adding our Blade & Soul bot takes it to a whole new level.


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Bot Features

Our bot has several unique functions that are desired by any gamer. These allow you to play and complete the game faster and with minimal effort.

Reputation Missions

These are important aspects of the game. By completing and getting reputation points, your avatar gets better and advances further through the game levels. Our bot will assist you by scouting the map for all these missions and completing them. It will also collect for you the reputation points, and in no time, your game character will become invincible.

Loot and Bag Management

After you gather many resources from the game, it can become difficult to store them, and some might get wasted. With this impressive feature on our bot, this doesn’t have to happen. When there are too many gears, the bot will disassemble and sell them to other players. It will also help you store your loot into warehouses all over the game and keep track of them. You can get them whenever the need arises.

Dungeon Rush

These are a great way of getting coins and improving your skills. They are, however, quite difficult to complete and will take you a long time. Our Blade & Soul bot can assist you with the dungeon rush. It can make the best path with the least resistance and ensures you complete your daily dungeon rushes for better rewards.

Defend and Attack

While playing the game, you are bound to encounter mobs of enemies who can often become too difficult to beat. Our bot will help you formulate the best strategies to defend yourself and ensure you lose as little life and resources as possible. When you want to launch an attack, it will also gather all your necessary gear to ensure a successful battle. You can also let the bot handle the battles as it is more accurate in attacks and has better defense strategies. This will allow you to advance through the stages faster and efficiently.

And much, much more. Our bot gets new features added to it on a daily basis.


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Why Choose Our Blade & Soul Bot?

There are numerous reasons why gamers prefer using our Blade & Soul bot.

Undetected bot

We have made our Blade & Soul bot as invisible as possible to any anti-cheat software. Its ability to copy human playing characteristics ensures it cannot be detected while it continues with your game. You thus never have to worry about losing your account or getting banned. In case a player reports your account, a detailed search by the anti-bot software will not yield anything.

Fully Customizable

Our bot allows you to set your character and your overall gameplay in any way you want. It can be customized as much as possible, giving you a personal touch and a more enjoyable playing experience.

Clean and easy to use

When creating this bot, our team ensured everything is placed in the right order and location. It resulted in a clean and well-organized bot that is easy to navigate through. It also makes the bot very easy to use. Since everything is well stationed, you cannot get lost in the settings. There also hints regarding what different settings do, allowing you to use it better.


Our team is always ready to create new bot updates and increase its features if there is a new patch from the publisher. You are assured of a well-functioning bot always.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the bot safe?

Safety is a major concern for many gamers, and so is it to us. With our bot, you never have to worry about your account getting banned. We have made the bot as invisible as possible, allowing it to work well while keeping your account safe.

How do I set up the bot?

Setup is simple. All you have to do is download the bot onto your device. We will provide you with a tutorial on how to install it and run it. The entire process is fast and simple, and in no time, you will be enjoying the bot.

Is the bot accessible on multiple devices?

No, you can only use it on a single device. In case you want to use it on another device, you will have to download and install it there.