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Neverwinter is a popular free-to-play game. It was first released for Windows in 2013 before moving to other platforms such as the Xbox in 2015 and PlayStation in 2016. This MMORPG game is fairly new, and its new generation graphics, storyline, and eye-catching gameplay has seen many gamers play it.

We, too, have found a way to make the game better and more interesting, thanks to our Neverwinter bot. The bot will play your game character for you and help you through most of the game’s challenging or tiresome parts.


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Bot Features

We have incorporated some of the best features into our Neverwinter bot. These will come in handy in everyday gaming and are bound to fulfill the wishes of many gamers.


This is one of our bot’s best features. Getting resources to advance through the game doesn’t have to be difficult anymore. The bot will gather all the gold and astral diamonds you will ever need in the game. It will scout the entire map and harvest them from all hidden places and the game’s different quests. This feature ensures you have enough resources to advance through the game efficiently as you can buy anything you want from the game shop.

Level advancement

With our bots help, you won’t have to play all the levels in the game as it allows you to unlock them and play in any order you want. This helps you advance faster in the game and allows you to have more control and have more fun playing the game. With this feature, you will save many hours that you would have spent on the game.


Spells are among the ways to counter your enemies when playing the game. Our Neverwinter bot will unlock all the spells for you depending on the character you are playing. This will make your gameplay better as your overall defense and attacks will become better. You will thus win your duels faster and with certainty.


Neverwinter is a wide game and involves numerous side quests. These are essential for accumulating astral diamonds. They are often difficult and might take a large portion of your gaming hours. You don’t have to play through them as our bot is here to assist you. You can configure it to find and complete different quests on the map while you continue with the game’s main storyline. The simultaneous play will accumulate more resources and allows you to complete the game faster.

And much, much more. Our bot gets new features added to it on a daily basis.


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Why Choose Our Neverwinter Bot?

There are many compelling reasons a gamer would choose our Neverwinter bot.


Our team is always ready to work on new bot updates, especially when the publisher releases a game update. It will take us only a few hours to have it up and running, and you won’t have to spend a long time looking for a bot that will cover it.


We pride ourselves on making our Neverwinter bot as invisible as possible from anti-bot software. The bot will play just like a human would, following a specific path and doing specific things that allow it to blend in perfectly. You thus don’t have to worry about losing your account.


Our bot’s GUI is very simple and straightforward. Every feature is well indicated, and you can easily toggle through them. This eliminates any chance of getting lost in the bot or making the wrong changes. This simplicity allows more people to use the bot efficiently and very easily.


Our bot is compatible with all Microsoft Windows versions. It will run very efficiently and won’t take up many resources or space on your device. This makes it convenient for a lot of gamers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the bot run in the background?

Yes, you can easily run the bot in the background. You can let it go on quests or mine for resources while you carry on with your activities. This makes it very convenient. It can also be minimized. It will maintain steady frames per second levels for when you get back.

Is the bot safe?

Our bot is very safe. It can remain undetected even by the most advanced anti-bot software. You are thus assured of a continuously great gaming experience as you use the bot.

Do you provide updates?

Our team is always working on including more features to our bot and making it more reliable. We ensure you get bot updates in the shortest time after there is a game update from the publisher.