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Loot, farm, trade, snipe & PvP on auto pilot

NaverBot offer undetected bots for the latest MMORPG games. With features like farming, looting, PvP and much more, you can be sure you'll have everything you need to start auto piloting your game play.

Our Latest Bot Releases

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  • Bless Online bot
  • Eve Online bot
  • Guild Wars 2 bot
  • TERA bot
  • Black Desert Online bot
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Automate Any Task In Your Favorite MMORPG

Our MMORPG bots allow you to do a lot of things on auto pilot such as farming, looting, PvP, PvE, fishing and even finish quests. Each bot has different features since all games allow different things to be automated. Browse each specific game bot to see more detailed features.

Exact Pixel Match

Our MMORPG bots has perfect pixel matching to target the right enemies and items. Often times, bots can go haywire when they target the wrong pixels. This is not an issue with our macro bots.

Custom Configuration

Need custom configurations such as way paths and quests? This is a feature we've made available in most of our bots, and it works great.

Perfect Area Scan

Navers MMORPG macro bots has it's own area pixel scanner. This is a feature that MMORPG gamers love since it can automate fishing, looting and much more.

What We're About

Many games are lacking good automation bots, which is something we want to change. We started creating our macro bots in 2016 for the most popular MMORPG games. NaverBot now offer more than 5 different game bots for sale, all with extensive features, light weight software and great bot support.

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What's An MMORPG Bot?

MMO and MMORPG Bots are programs that feature artificial intelligence programs that perform simple and routine tasks that they do completely on their own without any help or assistance from human beings. When you are playing online games most bots are usually used to farm, level up characters and perform other types of task that are repetitive and do not take any real skill and they can be programmed to be time sensitive too. Most bots are available online and NaverBot is here to offer you a solution for finding the best MMORPG bots.

What Bots Can Do For You

The bots are undetectable because these are offering anti-bots to keep the user safe. The PvP bots are quite helpful in winning faster and you can easily rely on us and browse the free MMO bots without tackling to any issue. Hurdle of acquiring currency won’t stay anymore and it is quite an effective method to assure the victory. The bots can provide Level up and let you gain XP according to your needs. These are MMO and MMORPG bots to save your precious time. It will ease up the work the of getting resources and you can tackle down lots of enemies in online games. Bots are better to try out because these never have to take breaks, sleep or eat.

Bot Features

You can use MMORPG to do specific tasks for you such as fishing, grinding, looting, and there are even PvP bots. If you would like to level up in a game with less frustration and hassles you can purchase a bot who will increase your levels and experience points by doing routine tasks.

If you wish to gain more credit, experience or currencies then you can download a grinding bot who will maximize your points gained. You can also purchase bots that allow you to loot other players in online games and get their items, currencies, points and more. There are even other bots that are available including the PVP variety. We have the best MMORPG gaming bots that will get you ahead in the best games online.

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