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Automate Stronghold Kingdoms with Naver Bot

Stronghold Kingdoms is a game that has been around for many years and has attracted the gaming community from all over the world. It is interesting and requires proper strategies and critical thinking to beat it.

We, however, have an even simpler way around it by using our Stronghold Kingdoms bot. It is created using C++, making it light and efficient for numerous devices.


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Bot Features

Monk Quests

The bot has a great feature that supports all your monking tasks and quests in the game. These are usually very interesting, and many gamers look forward to them. They include blessing and healing members of your camp in times of war. This makes them more efficient. The monk also supports village interdictions, a role that is very interesting to play.

Attack alarms

Our bot will always ensure you are ready to counter any attack that might arise. It can distinguish between the different types of attacks, such as Captain attacks and AI monk attacks. All these have unique alarms that come in the form of mp3 sounds or emails. This ensures you are aware of any eventuality, and it allows you to plan better and defend yourself effectively. The bot, too, can handle these attacks once you set it up.

Research queues

The bot allows you access to an unlimited number of research queues. This allows you to understand the game better every time you play it. Different auto-rank modes allow you to progress higher and faster in the game. You can thus play on any level you desire easily.


A core part of the game is coming up with the right strategies and amassing an army to fight your opponents. This can take time, especially finding the right characters to join you in battle. With our bot, however, you don’t have to worry about this. It allows you to fight all your enemies strategically and beat them easily. You can choose your best strategies or leave that to the bot. You thus get to enjoy all the aspects of the battle with minimal effort and assurance of winning. The bot will also refill your armies once every battle is complete automatically.

Access to all game worlds

Our bot allows you to easily navigate through the map and play on any level you like. This access to all game worlds allows you to play, even before beating other previous levels to advance. This allows you to play the interesting parts of the game and leave the quests to the bot. It thus results in an overall great experience.

And much, much more. Our bot gets new features added to it on a daily basis.


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Why Choose Our Stronghold Kingdoms Bot?

There are numerous reasons any gamer would prefer choosing our great bot.

Numerous features

Our bot is well-engineered and incorporates numerous features that will smoothen your gaming experience. These features are better than what most bots in the market have to offer, which has made ours one of the most reliable to have.


Another reason to have our Stronghold Kingdoms bot is the level of customizability it has to offer. Once you download and install it, it comes in the basic form. You can, however, change all the aspects of the bot to suit your usage and preferences. This allows you to get acquainted with it faster and better.

Fast and reliable updates

Our team is always working on an update for the bot. We try to increase as many features as possible to make your gaming experience smooth. We have managed to achieve this as all our users are contented with our reliability. We avail the updates regularly and send notifications when we do.


Our bot offers proper safety that allows you to play the game without getting detected by at-cheat software. It can remain undetected by following closely the playing methods used by ordinary people and perfecting them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my account get banned?

No. We have made the bot undetectable using any anti-cheat software. Even in the event the game developer decides to investigate your account, they won’t detect it. You thus don’t have to worry about that.

How does the bot work?

Once you download the bot from our website, we will guide you through the installation process. It is very simple and straightforward. It also takes less time, and you can always get in touch for further support from our team.

Does the bot take up much space?

No. The bot is very light. It won’t take up a lot of space or resource allocation from your device. Everything will continue running smoothly.