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Automate Ragnarok Online with Naver Bot

Gravity published Ragnarok Online, and this MMORPG game took the world by storm. Owing to the game’s success, the publisher has since released a sequel to the game, and it, too, just like the original, has been well received.

Ragnarok Online offers you an immersive gameplay experience, with monsters to battle and different classes and jobs to advance to. The game is available on PC. We have the perfect bot for this game that will make your experience even better.


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Bot Features

Our bot has great features that build together to give you a great gaming experience. The bot will give you access to some of the game’s hidden features and will let you beat the game in a shorter time than most gamers do.


When playing Ragnarok Online, you have to choose a single class, one you will play the game in. This makes it rigid and prevents you from enjoying the features of other characters. With the help of our bot, you have access to all the characters in the game. You can choose to play as a thief, archer, swordsman, and more. You also have access to a range of skills to gain, all of which will be instrumental in your advancement in the game. It also lets you play in an advanced class, one that is restricted to many players.


When engaging in online duels, our Ragnarok Online bot will come in handy. The bot allows you to choose a range of opponents beyond whom you won’t have to battle. Before it pairs you up with another player for a duel, it will scan the colosseum for one who matches your preferred level and only match you with them. If you are a beginner, it gives you a fair chance at winning these duels.

Monster Collection

After you have played the game for a while, it is bound to get monotonous. Our bot, however, allows you to create new challenges for yourself and get a more interesting gaming experience. With every monster you beat, the bot will collect their DNAs, and when needed, you can summon them back. This will create a whole new character for you to battle, making your PvE experience memorable.

Monster Hunting

Ragnarok Online has many monsters, and after a while of playing, they can overwhelm you. They are usually hidden and will attack you unexpectedly. This will drain your HP and interfere with your experience. Our bot provides a way to handle them. The bot will scan the map and hunt down all the monsters and destroy them. You can thus move through the game world faster and complete your quests conveniently.

And much, much more. You can automate anything with our bot.


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Why Choose Our Ragnarok Online Bot?

Our macro is created with reliability and proper performance as its primary objectives. It thus provides many compelling reasons for a gamer to have it.


Our Ragnarok Online bot is invisible to any anti-bot checker that the publisher might employ. Its ability to mask itself within human play characteristics makes it very reliable and adds to all it offers. You can thus play the game without the worry of your account getting banned or suspended.


When creating our macro, we made it as light as possible. It will take up only a minimal amount of space and resources from your computer, allowing everything else to run well. The macro will also improve the overall performance of your PC, making it very reliable.


We make sure to provide our gamers with Ragnarok Online bot updates as often as we can. Since the game is also quite popular, the publisher is also improving it with new maps and quests. For these, our team makes sure you have a working bot in only a few hours after they are released.

Easy to use

Our Ragnarok Online bot has a simple interface that makes it very user-friendly. Toggling through the different bot features is easy, as everything is well labeled. It is also easy to set up and run due to the detailed tutorial available once you download the bot.

Frequently Asked Questions

On which platforms does the bot run?

Since Ragnarok Online was only released for PC, our bot can only be accessed by PC players. It, however, supports all versions of windows.

Will my account get banned?

Our bot is designed to remain undetected even with the most advanced software from the publisher. When using it, you never have to worry about getting banned or suspended. It is very reliable.