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ArcheAge is a sandbox-style PC game that Trion Worlds developed. This MMORPG features a vast open world, with many quests to undertake. One can engage in battles in the sea, on land or even in the air. This dynamic nature of the game ash made it well-liked by gamers.

Finding your way around this vast open world can be challenging, and for that, we have an ArcheAge bot to assist. This bot will help you through different game stages and is bound to make your gaming experience one to remember.


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Bot Features

Our bot has many features that will assist you in beating this game. Some of these are unique and very reliable in simplifying the game.


When you begin the game, your character is assigned some skills, and these determine the class you’ll be assigned. However, these skills might not be what you wanted, and with the help of our bot, you won’t have to worry about that. The bot will unlock and assign your character a wider range of skills, some of which can be switched depending on the gameplay you want to have. It makes it very reliable.


The open world of ArcheAge is very expansive, and you are bound to encounter enemies anywhere you go. Our bot will help you mount better defenses and launch successful attacks. These battles can either be in the air, on land or even in the sea. With proper strategies from our reliable bot, you can easily win your battles and get the rewards that come with it.


There are many resources to gather on the map, and they are spread far and wide. Our bot will scan the entire map and identify where these vital resources are. It will gather them and keep finding more. In a short while, you will have all the resources you need. It will smoothen your gameplay and allow you to advance through the game faster.

Judge and Jury

Another vital feature of the game is getting to play judge and jury against game characters captured for different crimes. These include theft, piracy and more. It can get quite monotonous, and with our bot’s help, you can easily handle this. It will act on your behalf as you continue to traverse other sections of the map and enjoy its activities.

And much, much more. Our bot gets new features added to it on a daily basis.


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Why Choose Our ArcheAge Bot?

Our ArcheAge bot has many features to offer a gamer. It thus presents many reasons anyone would want to use it in their gameplay.

Safe and Secure

We have created our bot to be safe to use for gamers by allowing it to maintain a low profile and remain undetected throughout your gaming. Once deployed, the bot will follow a human’s play styles, which ensures it remains undetected by any anti-cheat software. Your account will thus never risk getting banned.


Our ArcheAge bot can be customizable depending on every gamer’s preference. One of the ways is by importing your game path. The bot won’t have to follow the setup path by our designers, and in this way, you can complete the game in any order you want.

Regular Updates

Our team makes sure to release regular updates to the game and include more features to smoothen your gaming experience. These updates are easy to access from our website. We also release updates whenever there is a new game patch from the developer.

Lightweight software

Our team considers resource allocation and use very seriously, and when designing our ArcheAge macro, this factor was considered. The bot is very light and takes up only a small amount of your space. It also consumes a minimal amount of processing power, allowing your game and other activities to continue running smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I run the bot in the background?

Yes, the bot can also run in the background. You can continue working on your PC while it undertakes quests in the background.

Is the bot safe?

Yes, the bot is safe to use. It will easily copy human play characteristics whenever deployed. This allows it to remain undetected, making it safe to use every time.

How often are there updates?

Our team is always working on finding new ways to make your gaming experience better. We thus release ArcheAge bot updates as often as we can. When there is a patch from the publisher, our team will have a working bot in several hours, and the update will be posted on our website.