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Star Trek Online is an MMORPG based on the widely successful Star Trek franchise. It was developed by Cryptic Studios and released in 2010. The game has a 25th-century setting, and this old style characterizes its quests, missions, and weapons. The game is available on PlayStation, Windows, and Xbox.

Naver bot has created the perfect Star Trek Online bot that will allow you to get an in-depth look into the game and explore it in ways you wouldn’t have.


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Bot Features

Our Star Trek Online bot has many advanced features to explore. They are aimed at making the entire gaming experience as memorable as possible.


Getting the right resources is a vital part of playing Star Trek Online. These resources are spread all across the ground and in space, and it will take you a long time to get all of them together. Our bot will simplify this for you. Once it is configured, it will search for rewards on land and in space and acquire as much as possible. They will be important as you advance in the game as they will help you get better weapons and modify your character any way you like.

Leveling up

Our bot gives you access to all the levels available on Star Trek Online. It will unlock all of them, and you won’t have to play them individually as you advance from one level to another. You can play the game in any order you desire by leveling up, making it more fun and entertaining. It also gives you more control over how you advance in the game.


There are numerous side quests in Star Trek Online. Some are long and are bound to distract you from the current gameplay you are engaging in. These quests are important as you get rewards and more resources once you beat them. An easy way around these quests is by deploying our Star Trek Online bot. It will perform these quests while you continue with the rest of the game. You will thus finish it faster and with more resources.


Our bot is designed to assist you in battling enemy space crafts. Some might be too strong or too advanced for you, but with the help of our bot, you can tackle them, win and get your rewards. This is instrumental towards a faster advancement through the game levels.

And much, much more. Our bot gets new features added to it on a daily basis.


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Why Choose Our Star Trek Online Bot?

Our bot is one of the best a gamer can ever have. Its impressive features make it particularly reliable and convenient to have.


Star Trek Online is a popular game, and the publisher releases updates every so often. Our team is always ready when these game updates are released and ensures a bot is available for the game in a few hours. You are thus assured of a well-functioning bot every time.

Clean design and easy to use

We have a great GUI that lets you navigate through the bot settings very easily. Everything is well in its place, and you are bound to find them very easily. The settings are also well indicated, and you don’t have to worry about making the wrong selections. The bot can be used conveniently, even by a beginner, which allows more people access to its impressive features.

Invisible from anti-cheats

Our team has put in all the necessary provisions to ensure the bot remains as undetectable as possible. It has smooth and well-planned navigation that closely relates to that of a human player. This allows it to maintain a low profile and still deliver all the great performance a player expects. You thus don’t have to worry about your account getting banned.

Diverse Languages

There are several language options to choose from for the bot. They are all configured to ensure more users can easily navigate the bot and get the most from it. They are also easy to find and change whenever needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my device support the bot?

The bot will run well on any Windows version. It is, however, slightly challenging on other gaming platforms, and a lot of configuration will be required.

Will I lose my account?

When using a bot, there is always a risk of getting banned. With the help of our Star Trek Online bot, however, you can play without this risk. The bot can easily remain undetected by anti-bot software, and you can use it for as long as you want.

Can I customize the bot?

Yes, there are several aspects of the bot you can customize. These include the paths for the bot. You can create your own, and once the bot is configured, it will follow them.