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Automate LOTR Online with Naver Bot

Lord of the Rings Online is popularly known as LotR Online, and just like its film version, has been quite successful in the gaming market. The game features a vast world of adventure, epic quests and battles to take part in, and an exciting storyline.

The only way you could make Lord of the Rings Online better is by using our bot. We have created the perfect bot to help you navigate the game’s storyline and handle some of the game’s repetitive and time-consuming aspects.


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Bot Features

Our bot will transform your entire playing experience on Lord of the Rings Online into a memorable and simple one. These features capture the essential parts of the game and will help you stay ahead of other players.

Wood and Ore Harvesting

Ores and wood are important in the game as they are used to build structures for better gameplay. Having to look for these resources can be pretty tiresome and take up much of your limited time. Our bot will help you by finding these materials and harvesting them for you. This will give you a massive boost in the game as you’ll have everything you need to advance faster and effectively.


While playing the game, you will encounter many mobs of enemies. With our bot’s help, you will get early signals of potential enemies and their strength levels. This helps you figure out whether you will launch an attack or seek safety. In case you are attacked, the bot will help you put up a strong defense and ward off your attacker.

Protects against Kill Stealing

Our bot is fast and effective when launching attacks to prevent other players from stealing your kills. Since this matters a lot in online ranking and rewarding, the bot ensures every attack results in a kill. It will target the most vulnerable parts of your enemy and execute a proper attack. It will be more effective and help you advance through the game faster.


With the help of our bot, you will have more successful loots. Its success rate of over 99% ensures you can quickly amass all the resources you need from beaten enemies. Its success is one every gamer could use.

And much, much more. You can automate anything with this bot.


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Why Choose Our LOTR Online Bot?

Fully Automated

We have ensured our bot is fully automated, and you won’t need to make further configurations to it. It will carry out all the quests and activities you instruct it to do without needing any supervision.

User Friendly

Our bot is straightforward to use. Its controls are well defined, and you can configure it in any way you want. This makes it accessible to more people, even beginners. You are thus assured of the best and simplest botting experience.


We are constantly working on new ways to make our Lord of the Rings Online bot more effective. Whenever we include additional features, we release an updated bot to our gamers. We are also on the lookout for game updates from the publisher, and whenever they are released, we ensure you have a working bot in just a few hours. You are always assured of a properly functioning bot.

Safe and Secure

Our Lord of the Rings Online bot has features that make it very safe. When in use, it will maintain a low profile and follow normal play characteristics. This prevents it from getting detected, and you never have to worry about getting banned.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I customize the bot?

Yes, you can easily customize various features of the bot. One is its classes. You can also change the bot’s path by importing and configuring your path for it to follow. This will make the game more personal and relatable.

Will I get banned for using the bot?

While many developers don’t allow you to use a bot online, you won’t have to worry about that with our bot. The bot will remain well hidden from antibot software. It allows you to play and stay ahead of other players without worrying about your account getting banned.

Can I run the bot in the background?

Since the bot is fully integrated onto Lord of the Rings Online, you can run it smoothly in the background or minimize it. This will make your botting experience very simple and convenient.