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Automate Hustle Castle with Naver Bot

Ever since the game was introduced to gamers, Hustle Castle has risen into one of the best and most enjoyable games to play. The MOM game features numerous strategies and rewards that keep people glued to their screens.

After a continuous long time trying to gather these rewards and weapons, the game can become monotonous. Here to assist is our reliable Hustle Castle bot. This bot will assist you through the time-consuming parts of the game and leave you with the enjoyable and relaxing aspects of the game to enjoy.


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Bot Features

Our Hustle Castle bot is packed with numerous features that will make your gaming experience better. These are features you won’t find in other bots in the market, and they speak into the great scripting our team has done with it.

Resource Farming

One of the most important yet time-consuming parts of the game is gathering resources. They are spread across the map as they come in the form of gears for your castle dwellers. They could be rings, amulets, armor, souls, and weapons. These aim to help you defend yourself better and counter your enemies more effectively when the need arises. Our bot will help you gather these resources in any desired order and ensure you have enough supplies for proper gameplay.


Our bot will help you decide whether or not to engage in fights depending on your health levels. You can also configure your desired healing duration and the health level to be attained before healing begins. This allows you to play the game continuously without having to worry about dying in battle.

Rewards collection

The Hustle Castle bot also collects rewards from the game. These include daily rewards that one might have forgotten about or those from different quests in the game. The bot will accumulate as many diamond rewards as possible and save them for you to spend in the game. This will allow you to get better equipment and guard your castle better. You are thus also left with the fun parts of the game to play.


The bot will also engage in all the battles it encounters in the game. It does this by employing 14 different strategies that allow it to fight differently every time. You can also enable reward collection, and it will accumulate them from every battle it engages in. The bot can be further customized to any desired power level to counter any opponent effectively.


When playing the game, it is vital to upgrade your castle regularly for effective attack countering. The bot allows you to upgrade your room to any desired level. You can choose these upgrades depending on the levels you are playing. The bot will ensure you can withstand attacks from other players easily. This is a very reliable feature for any gamer.

And much, much more. This bot can automate anything in Hustle Castle.


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Why Choose Our Hustle Castle Bot?

Easy to use

Our Hustle Castle bot is made to be as simple as possible to understand. All the important features are well highlighted, and toggling through the settings is even more easy and convenient. This user-friendliness allows everyone, even beginners, to use the bot conveniently. We also have a tutorial that comes with every download to allow you to run the bot effectively.


Our team has made the Hustle Castle bot to be as light as possible. It was scripted using C#, and all the important features have been incorporated without adding much weight to it. This ensures it uses minimal resource allocation to achieve better results. It also ensures your games continue to run smoothly.


Our bot allows you to customize every aspect of your gaming experience. These include when to engage in battles, when not to, your healing levels, rewards collection, and many more. This gives you a better sense of control over the game and allows you to make it as fun as possible for yourself. You can also customize your characters and make them as appealing as possible to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I run the bot on my PC?

Hustle Castle is an Android and iOS game. You can, however, run it and the bot on your computer by setting up an emulator. It will allow you to run the game on a wider screen and enjoy it more.

Can the bot run in the background?

Yes, the bot will continue running in the background as you carry on with other activities. All you have to do is set the levels for it to handle, and it will keep running until you stop it.