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Tera is an MMORPG that Bluehole Studio developed. The game’s full name is The Exiled Realm of Arborea, and its story is fascinating. The game is set in the distant future, where a major war has occurred. The land is now ravaged by monsters, witches, and wayward villages that you must battle to stay alive. The massive open world is filled with bosses you must battle and win to advance to the next level.

We have created a reliable Tera bot that will assist you in handling this game more effectively. It has numerous features that will help you complete the game in a short time.


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Bot Features

Our Tera bot has many features that make it very reliable. These features are aimed at smoothening your gaming experience and making it all memorable. Some of these bot features are unique only to our bot, making it the best to have.


Tera is filled with monsters and witches everywhere you turn. To beat them, you must have the proper skills, and your attacks must be well-timed. Making the perfect attack can be challenging, but thanks to our bot, you won’t have to worry about this. It will launch attacks for you and battle these enemies. Its superior features will emerge successful more often, allowing you to advance through the game faster.


There are thousands of quests to embark on when playing Tera. This is due to the different characters available to choose from. These quests are time-consuming, but since they hold essential rewards and resources, they are unavoidable. Our bot will go on these quests and beat them all. It will gather the rewards for you to use.


Our bot will scan the entire map and identify areas with vital resources to your advancement in the game. It will mine these for you and collect them. You will thus save many hours you would have spent in the process. These resources will be vital to your advancement through the game.


Our bot will give you access to all the seven characters in the game. You won’t have to spend many hours playing the game to unlock them. This makes it very reliable and will allow you to play the game in any order you deem fit. You can now enjoy it more.

And much, much more. Our bot gets new features added to it on a daily basis.


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Why Choose Our Tera Bot?

Safe and Secure

Safety is one of our primary concerns, and we have taken care of it when creating our bot. We have made the bot undetectable by anti-cheat and anti-bot software. You can thus play your game safely without worrying about getting banned. It is also very secure as our Tera bot cannot be hacked. All your progress and game resources are always safe.

User friendly

Our bot is straightforward to use. Its interactive interface allows you to navigate through the settings easily and conveniently. Every part of the bot is well highlighted, and the various features are indicated. You can thus easily find your way around everything.


Our team is always working on new ways to make your gaming experience better. We try to include as many new features to our bot as possible. Whenever we do, there is a new update. We also create new updates whenever there is a game update from the publisher. You are thus assured of always having a well-functioning bot every time.


Our bot doesn’t necessarily have to follow the path indicated by our creators. You can customize it by including your path for it to follow. Importing and configuring it is easy and fast. In no time, you will be experiencing the greatness of our Tera bot.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up the bot?

It is easy. Once you download the bot from our website, you will get a detailed manual to take you through the entire process. It uses simple language that makes it convenient even for beginners. The process is fast.

Is my PC supported?

Our bot is designed to work on all Windows versions. This makes it accessible to all PC owners. It will run well and won’t take much of your PC processing power.

Can I run the bot in the background?

Yes, the bot can be run in the background. In case you have other matters to handle on your PC, you can set the game in the background, and the macro will play the game. Whenever you resume, all you have to do is close other programs or click on it to bring it to the foreground. It is effortless and convenient.