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Automate PoE with Naver Bot

Our Path of Exile bot is full customizable and allows you to automate nearly any process you can think of. We constantly update our bots with new features too. If there is something we’ve missed, send us an email and we’ll add it. Some things that you can configure our bot to do:

  • Farm on Act 1-4 (fully clearing areas)
  • Clean town and stash runs
  • Pixel perfect looting

You just have to love naver bot. I can automate pretty much any PC or mobile game I want, with one software. 10/10!


Now this is how you create a game bot. It can do anything you need on full auto-pilot.


I've used Naver for over a year now and it's smooth as clockwork. No issues or crashes ever. Great bot!


Bot Features

Navers Path of Exile macro bot is the leading farming, fishing, looting, PvP and trading bot for PoE. The macro bot is developed in C# and is completely ban safe since it doesn’t interfere with game files. It’s also very light weight and won’t require much resources from your PC.


Our PoE bot can do automatic fishing for you. No longer do you have to waste time on fishing, just let our bot do the job.


Farming in any MMORPG can be tedious and time consuming. Let our PoE bot do the work for you, even while you sleep.


It’s finally here, you can now do automatic trading with our PoE macro bot! Trade to gain profits with custom buy and sell configs.


Our bot can now finish full quest on full auto pilot! This is the most extensive feature of our bots.


Sick of constantly crafting? Our Path of Exile bots can auto craft any item you need on autopilot.


Want to dominate on Player vs Player (PvP) matches? With the PvP feature it will automatically win battles for you.


Looting, the feature all money makers want. Everything can be looted on auto pilot with our Path of Exile bot.


The pathfinder can follow map markers with great care like a GPS. It can even detect when it’s stuck and release itself.

Why Choose Our Path of Exile Bot?

The main reason our Path of Exile bots are leading in the market is the fact that they are macro bots. This means the bot software never “injects” into the game files.

Macro bots are so called auto-clickers and are completely safe to use for previous mentioned reasons. You can still be banned in Path of Exile using our software, it’s always a possibility, but the software is completely legal to use.

Our Path of Exile bot is simply the best out there today, and we’re sure you’ll agree.

Undetected Stealth

Our Exile bot is extremly hard to detect by anti-cheats, since they are macro bots and not injectable software. As long as you use some variation in your AI movements, you’ll stay under the radar.

Privacy & Security

Privacy and security is important nowadays. All our bots are completely secure from malware, and if you need extra privacy you can run the bot on a VPS or virtual computer.

Super Fast Updates

We update our Path of Exile bot as soon as a patch or update hits. More often than not, we’ll have a new fresh version within hours. Our team is on constant alert on PoE updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Bot Work On All Windows Versions?

Yes, our Path of Exile bots work on all Windows versions and most Linux (with some configuration).

How Exactly Does It Work?

You will get access to a lot more information on how to run and setup your bot after download (check read me file).