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Automate Hay Day with Naver Bot

Hay Day is a farming game that was published in 2012 by Supercell. The game mainly entails farming and rearing animals, and its simple design has made it a favorite for many people.

The game is available on iOS and Android devices. The game might seem simple, but it is very complicated, and for an efficient gaming experience, you need to have our Hay Day bot. It works well on the supported devices, and our team has ensured you get the best gaming experience.


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Bot Features

Auto Planting

Since the game is mainly about farming activities, our bot will help you carry them out easily and effectively. Once you run it, the bot will plant any crops that you want. These include corn, wheat, or even carrots. It will find the best place on your farm that will yield better crops. You can leave the bot to work on this in the background as you enjoy other sections of the game. This will save you a lot of time.

Coin Farming

The main aim of playing the different quests in the game is to gather enough coins, which will allow you to get more resources. Our Hay Day bot is here to make all that simple. It will scan through the farm and identify any coins available. It will collect them and avail them for your use. It does this all day long, and in a short while, you will have enough resources to play the game any way you want.

Auto Harvesting

Once the planting is complete, our bot will also come in handy with the harvesting process. When the auto plant settings are activated, it correlates with the auto harvesting. When your produce is ready, the bot will harvest It from the farm and store it for you. This increases the number of resources you have and gives you a better and more enjoyable playing experience. The bot has an additional selling feature where it sells your harvested produce. It is designed to sell at the best price, ensuring you get proper value and that your resources increase faster.

Farm Upgrades

Our Hay Day bot will help you in making improvements to your farm. It is programmed to look into all the aspects of the game and develop the best solutions. It will help you get building materials and upgrade or expand your farm. This will allow your farm to grow faster and make your playing experience better each time.

And much, much more. Our bot gets new features added to it on a daily basis.


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Why Choose Our Hay Day Bot?

Wider Support

Our team has created this bot to cater to as many people as possible. To achieve this, we have made it compatible with all Android versions currently in the market. This ensures you can get the services of our reliable bot regardless of the device you are using. It will also work well on iOS systems once little modifications are made to the bot settings. It is very reliable to have.

Accommodates Multiple Accounts

Our Hay Day bot is designed to work on multiple accounts simultaneously. Once you download it to your device, you are all set as it will work on every account you are playing on. It will continue to farm as effectively as before and continues to deliver seamless performance.

Safety and Security

A gamers main concern when using a bot is whether it is safe. Our team guarantees you the safety of our Hay Day bot. We have designed the bot to maintain a low profile while still delivering the best results. It can play just like a human would, and this prevents it from getting detected. Our bot also offers better account security, and you won’t have to worry about other players trying to steal your resources and progress. The bot is always on the lookout and effective in keeping intruders away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Bot Run in the background?

Yes, the bot can run in the background while you use your phone for other purposes. You can even lock your screen, and as long as you have set it to keep farming, it will just carry on. You thus won’t have to worry about it stopping once the screen is locked.

Is the Bot easy to use?

Yes, our Hay Day bot is very easy to use. We have made everything on the bot easy to access and well labeled for proper settings. To provide more assistance, we have a tutorial that will guide you on making settings changes and what they all mean.

Is My Android Device Supported?

Our bot supports all Android versions in the market. Yours, too, is definitely supported and will run smoothly with an emulator.