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Automate World of Tanks with Naver Bot

World of Tanks is a game that requires numerous hours to master and advance through its tough levels. There is, however, a simple solution that will allow you to unlock all these levels conveniently and with lesser play hours.

We have created a bot that will help you navigate through the numerous sections of the game and one that allows you to beat it faster. We have added as many features as possible, some of which have been recommended to us by our clients.


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Bot Features

Naver Bot has made numerous additions to this WoT bot, allowing you to access better and more reliable performance. The bot is light and works faster on any windows version you are using. Here are some of its great features.

Conducts repairs

When you encounter stronger rivals in the game and sustain damages, the bot can respond to these too. It will use the repair kit effectively and even the fire extinguisher in case of a fire. This ensures your tank is well prepared and adequately repaired for the next battle.

Map navigation

This bot has the ability to map out the entire game layout. This will allow you to navigate through it faster and easier. Thus, you can reach all rewards and some of the places you might never have gotten before on the map. You can also identify your enemies easily on the map, and the bot will take automatic aims at the target.


When you encounter an enemy, your accuracy and points of impact will determine your success. This bot will help you identify your enemies while they are still a distance away. It also makes instant and automated aims at the target. These are usually very accurate. It will go further by targeting their weakest points, making every conquest a success. It can also predict your enemy movements and potential responses for a better attack.

Access to all tanks

When playing WoT, you have to advance through the different challenging levels to acquire different items and weapons. Some of these include different types of tanks, tank destroyers, and other weapons. Our bot will give you access to all the tanks and tank destroyers available on the game. You also get to use different artillery, such as the self-propelled artillery mount that is only accessible at higher levels.

And much, much more. Our bot gets new features added to it on a daily basis.


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Why Choose Our World of Tanks Bot?

Naver has managed to create a name in the market owing to the reliable bots they produce. Our World of Tanks bot, too, has our high-grade technology and great design. Here are some of their features.

Safety and assured security

The main concern for many people who use bots is the concern of whether they will get banned. When using our World of Tanks bot, however, you don’t have to worry about this. It is undetectable, and you will always play conveniently any time. The bot is also secure from virus infections.


Our bot is compatible with all Windows versions, as well as Mobile devices. It will run smoothly, and you will not experience any interruptions as you play.

Internet connectivity

Unlike other bots, this one doesn’t disconnect automatically in case of an internet interruption. The bot will wait temporarily for some time on this event. Once the connectivity is restored, the bot will enter the game automatically and carry on from where you left it. This makes it very convenient.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often is the bot updated?

We understand the importance of having regular updates to a player. For that reason, we make sure to update the bot immediately if any additional feature is included. We also provide updates once the manufacturer releases new patches to the game. This allows you to always have access to the reliability of our World of Tanks bot.

What is the compatibility of the bot?

This bot is designed to work on all windows versions. It is also designed to be at par with the regular windows updates, and you thus don’t have to worry about it failing to start. There are also additional configurations in the bot that allow Linux users to use it too. It is thus very accessible.

Can I Install the Bot on Multiple Computers?

Some players have different computers onto which they play their games, say a laptop and a separate desktop. It is thus important to know whether you can access the bot across the platforms. You can’t. You will have to download and install the World of Tanks bot on the different computers you intend to play on independently.