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DarkOrbit has gained great popularity in the gaming industry over the years and because of its growing popularity we have developed a DarkOrbit Bot to make it easier for the players to defeat their enemy target and win various levels, play several quests and complete mission quickly and easily.

As a DarkOrbit game lover, we can understand your emotions when you lose the battle against your enemy and that is the reason why we have come up with a free Darkorbit Bot, it is definitely going to help you in having edge over your opponents at every level of the game!


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DarkOrbit Bot Features

Every game has few loop poles accessing which help the players to gain multiple advantages over others. Similarly this game has bots, which assist the gamers to win various battles and earn more and more points without much difficulty. Some well-known Darkorbit bot(s) are given below:

Enemy Finder:

This hack is basically a program which helps in finding enemy opponents for the players. Though this hack is newest among all, still is gaining much popularity.

Collector of bonus box:

These bots helps the players or allow them to pick boxes containing bonus automatically. This is the most popular and widely used hack all around the world.

DarkOrbit Bot for general purpose:

These are multi-purpose bots which helps in getting features like:

  • Killing alien automatically
  • Auto locking
  • Automatic collection of bonus boxes

It has the ability of controlling more than one account at once.

Uridium maker:

Though this Darkorbit Bot is not very popular but it helps in generating large quantity of uridium and that too, for free to the accounts of players.

Bid Bots:

This is the most commonly used hack which allows the players to fix a quick and easy bid for few specific items.


DarkOrbit Hack Features

Our DarkOrbit bot also features hacks for even further domination.

Damage Hack:

These kinds of cheat codes are rare to get as it reduces the effect of damages caused to the player using this hack.

Hacks for admin panel:

This is the most serious and risky hack introduced in the whole history of the games. These bots helps in hacking the panel of admin and by seizing the account of admin, the player can do numerous things like sending uridium in huge amount without paying anything and can also add bonus points.

Hacks for demilitarized zones:

This hack helps in shooting various people in a restricted zone often called demilitarized zone.


It is an acronym of connection jacking tool. These bots are uncommon but its uses are increasing slowly but steadily. This hack allows the targeted people or object to lose the connection for shorter duration like for a minute.

Precautions to be taken:

Before using the Darkorbit Bot, one must learn that if they will get caught:

  • Their account will be ban for next seventy two days or three days
  • All up gradation of items and pilot points earned will be deleted
  • Once a final warning is received, account will get banned forever.

Therefore, it is important to take some precautions like using temporary account while registering with the game, reading review of users who has used the bots before and some other tactics will help you in avoiding unnecessary troubles.

An overview of DarkOrbit

Are you a game freak? Then you must have played lots of games, right? What about Darkorbit? Heard about it before? You must have, as it is quite popular among youngsters across the world.

Still for the information of those who haven’t played it yet, it is an online game which is enjoyed massively among multiplayer. It was designed and developed by big point and it is of space-action genre.

The industry of games is booming from last few years but what we might not aware of is how to master the games which are built with high complexity level. This game also comes under the category of those games which takes months to learn but forever to master the same.

But as a game lover, we can understand your emotions when you lose the battle against your enemy and that is the reason why we have come with Darkorbit Bot. It is definitely going to help you in having edge over your opponents at every level of the game.

What’s DarkOrbit About?

This game is put out in the outer space and the gamers are required to have control over from the spaceship to the battles played against in-game players and other multi-players as well. Darkorbit has three dimensions of isometric flash with registration of more than ninety five million players all over the globe.

When the game begins, the player is required to choose between three available companies that are:

  • Earth industries cooperation (EIC)
  • Venus resources unlimited (VRU)
  • Mars mining operations (MMO)

Once they are done with the selection of company, there comes one more company which act as a rival of the chosen firm. The company which is introduced later cannot be used by the player

Players are then teleported to a home map where they begin the quests assigned by mission control. This game revolves around only one objective which is to acquire wealth as well as power for the company and for the player himself as well.

Special events to earn various rewards:

There are several events in the game which help the players to earn special awards. The events are mentioned below:

  • Match of team Death
  • Invasion
  • Jackpot arena
  • Score mage don
  • Space ball
  • Birthday gate
  • Capturing the beacon
  • Infiltration

The Darkorbit bot can be used in aforementioned events to gain more and more rewards. Download it for free now.